Security Warning


Please be aware, Club Tesoro, Tesoro Resorts or any of the brands related to us DO NOT offer a rental or resale program of any kind! Scammers may pose as resort employees and use similar domain addresses to contact you. DO NOT share any kind of personal or Membership information.

If you have questions about an existing reservation(s) or need assistance regarding your membership benefits please contact Member Services Department directly.

Always remember these 3 tips to avoid a scam –

  1. ANY and ALL unsolicited offers to rent or resale your points or membership are scams.
  2. Any email not from the official domain is always fraudulent.
  3. When in doubt, ask and report! Member Services Department is here to help you maximize your benefits and steer clear of scams.

Stay vigilant and stay alert of scams!

Please contact us at 619-377-00-91 or if you have any questions or want to report a scam.

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