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  • Fishing Dorado

    Sunday, August 24th, 2014

    doradfuertDorado is one the most common catches in Cabo San Lucas which has become the number one fishing destination. The fishing is great at any time or, if you like a challenge, you can join the Bisbee tournament.

    Dorado translates to “golden” for its unique shape and golden coloration. It fins are normally yellow. In Hawaii this fish is also known as mahi-mahi or Dorado in Spanish. The Dorado has metallic blue and green on the back and sides and white to yellow on its underside. Dorados are found in all tropical waters like the Indian and Pacific Oceans, including Mexican waters like Cabo San Lucas.

    They are preyed on by blue marlin, black marlin, porpoises, sailfish, sharks, swordfish, and yellow fin tuna. The Dorado is a highly prized game fish. Small Dorado travel in schools that vary in size from a few fish to hundreds and larger Dorado travel alone or in pairs. They are found in the first 250 feet of the water column with temperatures of 21 to 30 degrees Centigrade. The Dorado is a very fast growing fish with a life span of four years.They grow up to 6 feet and more than 65 pounds and are surely a common catch during the Bisbee tournament taking place in Cabo San Lucas.