December 2012

Club Tesoro Blog

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  • Meet Yunuen (Yu-Yu) Arriola

    This blog post is the first in a series profiling some key members of the club Tesoro Team

    IMG_0822The first question was: “Where does the name Yu-Yu (pronounced Ju-Ju) come from, and who is allowed to call you that?” A smile broke over her face as she recounted that the name comes from one of her most favorite people ever, her niece, who stood no chance of actually being able to pronounce “Yunuen” and thus “Ju Ju” was born. The second part of the question was met with a shrug of the shoulders and a “everybody and anybody”.

    Whether you are a Club Tesoro member, guest, visitor, or employee, you have probably experienced the familiar ease and charm of Yu-Yu. In her two years with Club Tesoro she best describes her job and responsibilities as “I just help people”. A quick summary of her day-to-day and you come to realize what an understatement that is. You may be a legacy member trying to learn about the new Club Tesoro,  a new owner with questions about your membership, or a housekeeper needing information on a special VIP client; The chances are that Yu-Yu will have the answer.

    Originally from Mexico City, Yu-Yu has been living and working in Cabo for 17 years. Her career has landed her in a number of customer service positions up and down the Cabo corridor which have ultimately prepared her for the “I just help people” role and, perhaps, also enabled her to do it all with such a sense of ease. With all of the requests, comments, and challenges that cross her desk on a daily basis, she still sees the greatest reward in talking to returning members. She measures her success by their reactions and her ability to bring them up to date on the new Club Tesoro. She also jokingly measures them in chocolate as she happily recounts that this is the most common gift she receives from returning members and the one thing her diet won’t allow her to enjoy.

    On a more serious note, Junuen is very excited about the path that Club Tesoro is following since bringing the club to Los Cabos. She has seen a tangible change in the communications, delivery of service, and most importantly, the satisfaction of the members and guests in her two short years. Yunuen cites Club Tesoro’s unique location and the increased attention to a personalized service experience as the key differentiators for Club Tesoro going forward.

    Despite her busy days where she is never quite sure where the next challenge or next reward is going to come from, Yu-Yu smiles as she talks about the one thing that remains consistent from day to day. Regardless of how crazy things have been she spends an hour or two on the phone to her family back home in Mexico City remembering that Club Tesoro is not her only family.

    Be sure to drop by and say hi to Yu-Yu when visiting the Club – she may just have a stash of uneaten chocolates behind her desk!