May 2012

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  • Cabo San Lucas Weather: Chart of the Typical Highs and Lows

    Mild throughout the year, (except July and August) the humidity is low compared to most tropical vacation spots. This makes Los Cabos the perfect climate for sun bathing, golfing, fishing, yachting, snorkeling, scuba diving or other outdoor activities.
    Below you’ll find a month by month chart of typical highs and lows. Click here to read today’s Cabo San Lucas weather forecast.

    Use this chart to determine the best time to plan your trip. Consider whether the main purpose of your trip is to go fishing, shop for real estate, partake of the nightlife or just relax by the pool. If you’re a fisherman, the tournament months are October and November.

    Cabo San Lucas Weather

    And the perfect place to enjoy this great weather is Wyndham Los Cabos’ Waterfront Marina Location – Stroll to Downtown Cabo San Lucas

    Top Experiences in Los Cabos

    Catch and Release a Marlin

    This is the sport that originally put Los Cabos on the map, and keeps it there—fishing! Even for someone who has never been fishing, playing the indigo seas while savoring the stunning scenery from a new perspective makes for an amazing day. Everyone, even non-anglers, will get excited when the line goes screaming out behind a jumping marlin, as it “greyhounds” off into the ocean.

    “Under the Boardwalk, Down by the Sea”
    Lined with restaurants and bars that are terrific for people-watching, and complete with an air-conditioned shopping mall to pop into when the afternoon heat gets you down, perhaps no place in Baja pulses to the tourist beat quite the way Cabo’s marina does.
    Thousands of these mammoth cetaceans make their lengthy migrations between December and April, swimming nearly 10,000 km (6,000 mi) from Alaska and Canada to mate and give birth in Baja’s warm(ish), west-coast lagoons; they make the trGo Whale-Watching
    A number of whale-watching tours are available, most of them centered around Scammon’s Lagoon, San Ignacio Lagoon, and Magdalena Bay, where tourists go in pangas (small boats) out into the lagoons. Oftentimes, the whales and their new babies will approach the boat, rubbing against it, and looking with their sweet brown eyes at the people inside.ip without even stopping to eat, they’re in such a rush to get to Mexico (we know how they feel).

    Art and Wine in San José del Cabo

    Art lovers unite on Thursday evenings in San José del Cabo, where the Art District Association is behind the Thursday Night Art Walk. With at least 15 impressive art galleries to visit in several square blocks, the district is located north and west of the town’s centuries-old church. The art walk takes place from 5 to 9 pm, November through June. The informal, unguided tour makes for a fun opportunity to drink (free) wine, and be amazed by all forms and variations of art, from amber jewelry, photography, and Huichol beadwork to very pricey sculptures from top Mexican artists.

    Enjoy the Fiestas

    Festivals include Carnaval (February or March, before Lent); Semana Santa (March or April, the week before Easter Sunday); Día de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe (December 12); and Las Posadas (December 16-25). Don’t expect to see much folkloric tradition in avowedly secular Cabo San Lucas or the Corridor. For that festival flavor of old Mexico, head to San José del Cabo, Todos Santos, La Paz, Loreto, or other smaller, more traditional communities.


    Quick list of things to bring to the beach for your vacation in Cabo San Lucas

    The time is finally here. That much awaited summer vacation is just a few days away and you are already picturing yourself with your swimsuit enjoying the sun and the waves.

    Well, before you grab your luggage and head over to your destination make sure you consider a few important things to bring to the beach that will make your trip more enjoyable.

    Some of the items in the list might sound obvious at this moment but you know that sometimes you are in hurry and you might space out with some of the items.
    Important things to bring to the beach:

    Sunscreen.- Whether you are planning a trip to the mountains or a beach holiday, sunscreen is a necessity. The sun on slopes is just as strong and damaging to the skin as the sun on a beach. But you may not sense it because of the cold climate.

    Prescription medicines.-Make sure there are enough doses to last for the entire trip. It can be difficult to refill prescriptions out of town and almost impossible to refill them overseas.

    Hand sanitiser.- Hand sanitiser is a great way to keep hands clean and germ free when travelling in areas where clean water may not always be available.

    First aid kit.- A first aid kit is always a good idea especially if traveling in an area where you do not speak the language.

    Wet tissues.- While you pack your soap, toothpaste and towels, pack wet tissues and toilet paper as well. They will come in handy to wipe excess perspiration if you are visiting a hot country or just to keep your hands and face clean.

    Sunglasses.- Sunglasses are important to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Unless a traveller wears special glasses which darken and protect the eyes, sunglasses are a must on any trip.

    Plastic bags and waste paper.- Plastic bags provide a way to keep dirty or wet laundry separate from clean clothes while travelling. Do pack waste cloth and paper. They would come in handy, especially if you are travelling with kids .

    Ziplock bags.- Great for packing toiletries which might leak in a suitcase. The seal on the bag will keep most liquids inside even if the bottle leaks.

    Photocopies.- Photocopies of important documents like passports, drivers licenses and even credit cards should be packed in your suitcase. All the suitcases that you are carrying should have the photocopies of these documents. If a wallet or a purse is stolen, the copies make it easier to replace these documents.

    Travel maps.- Travel maps of the area make finding your way in a strange place easier. Members of auto clubs can usually get maps of most cities at no charge. Obtain maps before leaving on a trip to make sightseeing easier.

    Small locks.- Although people travelling by air cannot lock their suitcases for the flight, small locks should be packed so that suitcases can be locked when they are left unattended in hotel rooms.

    Insect repellent.- Biting insects are found in most countries and they often carry diseases so it is best to avoid being bitten.

    The two most obvious things to bring to the beach that are worth a mention are:

    Swimsuit.- Might sound too obvious but you’ll be surprised how many people forget theirs and end up buying expensive ones at their destinations.

    Sandals.- Another obvious one that some people take for granted and then they aren’t able to walk over the sand because is too hot.

    Make sure fun is among the things you bring to the beach.

    About Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

    Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo: two distinctly different yet neighboring places on the Mexican Pacific.

    Zihuatanejo, a fishing port for centuries, embraced by Zihuatanejo Bay, retains its old-Mexico charm. Just 10 minutes (6 kilometers/3.7 miles) up the coast, Ixtapa is a modern world-class resort. Together they comprise one tropical destination that is indeed twice as pleasing.

    Zihuatanejo hotels are smaller. They range from economy (in town, near or on beaches) to grand luxury properties situated on La Ropa Beach or overlooking the Bay.

    Most Ixtapa hotels are located in the Hotel Zone along Palmar Beach (just across the avenue from the village-like shopping “plazas”). However one major hotel is nearby on its own cove, and three others are just up the coast at Playa Linda.

    Tesoro Ixtapa


    Los Cabos, meta de la carrera internacional de yates Corona del Mar

    San Lucas, B.C.S.- Este puerto turístico fungió como recinto de llegada para el evento bianual “Carrera Internacional de Yates Corona del Mar a Cabo San Lucas”, el cual tuvo una participación de más de 20 equipos, lo que representa a unas 400 personas involucradas quienes, durante el pasado fin de semana, concluyeron la carrera con una emotiva celebración.

    Este puerto turístico fungió como recinto de llegada para el evento bianual “Carrera Internacional de Yates Corona del Mar a Cabo San Lucas”, el cual tuvo una participación de más de 20 equipos, lo que representa a unas 400 personas involucradas quienes, durante el pasado fin de semana, concluyeron la carrera con una emotiva celebración.

    En el evento, el director de Turismo Municipal, Jacobo Turquie, quien, con la representación del Presidente Municipal de los Cabos, recibió a los competidores, resaltó la importancia de esta actividad.
    Explicó que ellos hacen una carrera cada 2 años, partiendo desde Newport y llegando hasta Los Cabos y que, este año en particular, tuvieron récord de tiempo en llegada, porque la gran mayoría del recorrido había vientos de hasta 30 nudos, y aunque se registraron algunos percances en el trayecto, todos llegaron a la meta.
    En la ceremonia de premiación, Turquie Alcérreca detalló que, a la llegada de los primeros veleros, estos fueron recibidos con fuegos artificiales, lo que representó para los competidores una bienvenida muy grata, aunque sólo hayan sido 20 equipos los participantes en esta tradicional regata, ellos representan alrededor de 400 personas.
    El titular de Turismo en el Municipio agregó que esta actividad no sólo representa proyección para el destino, sino que, al mismo tiempo, genera una impresionante derrama económica, pues en el lugar de origen de estos participantes, atrae a un gran número de seguidores la actividad.
    Finalmente, hizo entrega de algunos reconocimientos a todos los participantes y también unos premios a los tres primeros lugares e hizo extensiva la invitación a seguir viniendo a Los Cabos.


    Swim with dolphins in Los Cabos

    Dolphin Encounter a program for all ages: learn and have fun!

    With an unprecedented beauty, Los Cabos is considered one of the top travel destinations in Mexico. When you travel to Cabos, there are a number of activities and things to do during your trip, but nothing like the unforgettable experience with our marine friends, the dolphins.

    You and your family will have the opportunity to receive all the affection of these tender and playful animals that always seem to be smiling. It doesn’t matter if you are 1 or 80 years, you will be able to enjoy our dolphin friend from a platform. Your new friend will give you unlimited love, he will give you a handshake, he will sing and dance, you will be able to pet him and swim in a place that our dolphins call “home”: the Pacific Ocean.

    If you’re wondering what to do in Cabo, a Dolphin Encounter is the ideal choice.

    Disfruta de Cabo San Lucas

    Para estas vacaciones visitar los atractivos naturales y culturales de los Cabos. Hoy en día, Los Cabos tiene algo que ofrecer a todo el mundo: buceo, pesca, deportes acuáticos, golf, vida nocturna, hoteles y restaurantes de clase mundial, vistas y lugares espectaculares, el asombroso suceso de las ballenas te esperan con los brazos abiertos.

    Los Cabos

    Esta zona, es muy rica en atractivos naturales y culturales de una belleza sin igual. Se encuentra rodeado por el Océano Pacífico y Mar de Cortés. Además, ofrece restos de naufragios, cavernas y cascadas de arena submarinas, playas tranquilas.

    Nos encontramos también con el arrecife de Cabo Pulmo, uno de los más importantes del mundo, el famosísimo arco de Cabos San Lucas, en esta playa se encuentra la formación rocosa, que se relaciona con la falla de San Andrés, que es el símbolo de Los Cabos, a donde se puede llegar en lancha en tan sólo veinte minutos, durante su recorrido encontrarás focas, leones marinos, así como grupos de pelícanos, una vez estando en el arco, podrás visitar el famoso Faro Viejo que es un monumento con más de cien años de antigüedad.

    Cabos San Lucas, también cuenta con atractivos culturales, como fiestas populares en celebración a la fundación de San José del Cabo; se elaboran artesanías típicas de cada región, como bolsas, cinturones, vestimentas tradicionales, entre otras.

    Un mundo por descubrir o Ir a la popular pesca deportiva ya que Cabo San Lucas es mundialmente reconocida como la capital indiscutible de la captura de peces de pico como lo son: el marlín negro, azul y rayado, el pez vela, pez espada, mahi mahu y cola amarilla sin duda alguna una lugar perfecto para realizar dicha actividad.

    •El buceo se encuentra entre una de las actividades más recomendadas debido a las cascadas de arena y las colonias de coral negro y la fauna marina que habitan las profundidades. Los lugares perfectos para realizar esta actividad son la playa del amor, Médano y Hacienda en Cabo San Lucas y la gran playa llamada Costa Azul.

    Algunos puntos muy importantes que puedes visitar sin duda alguna son:

    • El famoso Arco de Cabo San Lucas, es un lugar único gracias a que el océano pacífico se une con el mar de Cortés.

    • El estuario de San José del Cabo, considerado como un paraíso ecológico con gran variedad de flora y el hábitat de muchas especies de aves tropicales.

    • Cabo Pulmo que ofrece sus arrecifes de coral únicos cuenta con todos los servicios turísticos ideales para pasar una estancia inolvidable en ese lugar.

    Club Tesoro Resorts


    For centuries, pirates flocked to Manzanillo’s sparkling bays in search of treasure and adventure. Now, savvy modern travelers are finally discovering this region’s exotic natural beauty and the charms of the majestic Tesoro Manzanillo, a new family Mexico resort hotel on the southernmost point of Mexico’s fabulous Gold Coast.
    Learn more


    Gorgeous, sun-kissed Ixtapa is a jewel of Mexico offering modern amenities right alongside old world charm. Nestled between the Pacific and the mountains is Tesoro Ixtapa, a Mexican all-inclusive resort hotel ideally suited for your next Mexico vacation whether you are travelling with your family, significant other or friends.
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    Be Connected. The Wyndham Cabo San Lucas Resort is where a charming resort ambiance meets a fantastic Marina location putting you squarely in the middle of all of the action. Just steps outside the resort you can experience the excitement and energy downtown Cabo San Lucas.This resort has the best central location in all of Cabo San Lucas.
    Learn more

    5 Easy Ways To Save On Your Cabo Vacation

    When looking to book your vacation to Cabo San Lucas, you dream about the beauty of the area including the blue waters, great food and endless beaches.

    The one part that, of course, then dampens many people’s dreams is the fact that booking a vacation to anywhere in the world, including Cabo, isn’t always cheap. Luckily, there are many easy ways to help you save on your booking and get you on a beach in no time.


    Use Comparison Sites to Find the Best Deal

    If you haven’t checked out a travel comparison site, then you’re missing out on one of the easiest ways to save. Looking through a site like will help you compare the hotel, resort, flight and more between all of the major online travel sites to find the cheapest deals.

    You can also opt for flight specific websites like HipMunk to not only get the cheapest flight, but also flights ranked by how comfortable the flight is with connections and other factors taken into consideration.

    Take Advantage of Travel Coupons and Promotion Codes

    Searching for a coupon or promo code for the website you’re using to book your Cabo vacation can save you big. A site like Travelocity usually has promo codes for vacations where you can get a couple hundred dollars off your total vacation package. You should also review other travel sites such as

    These sites often offer coupons where you not only get discounts but are eligible for free gifts. It’s a no-brainer to search for a few travel coupons before you checkout as it’s an easy way to save a few dollars.

    Bundle Your Cabo Vacation and Save

    When booking your vacation to Cabo San Lucas, you can create significant savings by bundling the entire package together. This means, instead of booking your flight in one place and the hotel directly, you can instead book them together on one of the many travel sites.

    These sites will often give you up to 30% off your total when you book the hotel and flight together. Some will also provide an even larger discount when you include tickets for activities and events in your bundle. The way to get the best deal is to compare multiple sites until you find the largest discount.

    Check Out Daily Deal and Flash Sale Travel Sites

    Recent additions in the travel industry to help you save on your next vacation can be found in daily deals and flash sale sites. By checking out sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, JetSetter and others, you might find travel deals for Cabo for up to 50% off the regular price.

    You might not have as much flexibility when using this method, but you can save big and usually stay in one of the nicer resorts in the Cabo San Lucas area as many area hotels are included on daily deal sites.

    Take Advantage of Membership Deals and Discounted Rates

    If you are someone who is a member of AARP or AAA or similar organization, there are numerous deals available for hotels and resorts around the world, including many Cabo resorts. To take advantage of these deals, you simply go to the organization’s official website to find which hotels are included in their network.

    Generally, these organizations only have relationships with major chain hotels but you can find a few Cabo hotels included that aren’t from the major chains. Take some of the stress out of your travel planning and budget by taking advantage of a few easy ways to save.

    By: allaboutcabo

    Wyndham Cabo San Lucas Resort at The Marina

    If you’re planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas, then you absolutely must consider staying at the amazing Wyndham Cabo San Lucas Resort located right in the heart of everything and putting you close to shopping, dining, and anything else you might need or want during your stay at this amazing luxury hotel. Whether you’re going for business, vacation, or maybe even to celebrate you’ll be well taken care of at Los Cabos.

    This newly renovated hotel offers 286 deluxe rooms and junior suites with fabulous views of the town, the marina, or the Sea of Cortez. Because of its location you are practically on the steps of lots of shops, restaurants, and nightlife at such places, The Squid Roe, or the Hard Rock Café. All of the rooms have been decorated in the southwest style using warm, soothing traditional Mexican color schemes.

    Rooms at the Wyndham Cabo San Lucas

    Deluxe rooms at the Wyndham Cabo San Lucas Resort have king-sized beds and balconies overlooking either the marina or the town. Junior suites offer spacious accommodations emphasizing luxury and provide balconies with views to the marina or Sea of Cortez. All of the rooms have air conditioning so you don’t have to worry about the temperatures outside. Additionally the rooms are equipped with satellite TV, high speed internet access, walk-in showers, safe deposit boxes, hair dryers, and stocked mini bars. Everything you’ll need to make your stay pleasant.


    The La Vista Restaurant provides a relaxing atmosphere for breakfast or lunch and offers a full-menu room service all day. There’s a wide variety of refreshing drinks and cocktails available at the Lobby Bar and the La Vista Bar.

    The Wyndham Cabo San Lucas Resort also has a heated pool to provide year round swimming. If you don’t feel like leaving the resort for shopping there’s an onsite shopping plaza for your convenience. You can also take advantage of the laundry valet and concierge services. The concierge will help guarantee your visit will be as exciting or relaxing as you desire.

     Aura Spa

    Looking for a little pampering? Check out the Aura Spa at the resort which offers a wide range of services. You can have your nails done, get a massage (there are even couples massages available), and indulge in customized special body wrap packages to revitalize your skin and energy.

    There’s a water taxi available to take you to the beach club where you’ll be presented with an array of water sports to choose from. You needn’t worry about packing on the pounds while staying at Wyndham Cabo San Lucas Resort because of their state-of-the-art fitness room. There are a number of family vacation packages and even wedding packages available upon request. Reservations are easily made through either their telephone number or online. You can even sign up to be notified of special packages and offerings at the website. There’s no doubt that the Wyndham Cabo San Lucas Resort will meet your every need during your stay in Cabo San Lucas.